How to Submit a Swap or Replace Request

As a volunteer, you’re not always able to fulfill all your roster requests. Elvanto allows you to request other volunteers to replace you or to swap with you.

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Creating a Swap or Replace Request

Please note, Swap or Replace Requests is only available through the web app.  We are currently working hard on making this available on the Mobile App and hope to bring that to you soon!

To create a swap or replace request, first, you must find a position you are scheduled on your Roster. Once you’ve found the position if your church has enabled you to submit these requests click on the red cross next to your name. Note, the green tick showed below will not appear if you’ve already confirmed.


After this, choose if you’d like to request someone to swap your schedule with theirs, or request someone to replace you. The options that appear depend on the settings enabled by your church.


Requesting Someone to Replace you

When you select the ‘Replace’ option, a list of available volunteers who can serve in the chosen position and at the same service will appear.


Simply use the checkboxes to select the volunteers you want to send the request to, and click the “Send Requests” button. The chosen volunteers will be notified of the request and they’ll be able to either accept or decline. Once a volunteer accepts you will then be notified, and other volunteers who haven’t responded yet will be told that the request has been fulfilled.

Request Someone to Swap with you

When you select the ‘Swap’ option, a list of similar services you are available for will appear, as well as the volunteers that are scheduled on the same position as you. By default, all services and all volunteers are selected.

Swap List

You can, however, choose to only swap with a particular service if desired, and the list of volunteers will change. Below the scheduled volunteer only wants to swap onto a particular service, and only the volunteer scheduled on that service appears in the list of people.

Unsuccessful Requests

A request to swap or replace may be unsuccessful at times if all volunteers decline. An email will be sent to you when that happens. This could be due to one of a few reasons.

  • The request was automatically canceled automatically as it’s occurring soon and you’ve run out of time to organize a swap request.
  • All volunteers declined the request.

In these cases, you will need to organize your own swap or replace or talk to your leaders for help.

Last Updated: 22nd September, 2017

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