How to set up the Member Directory

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If you want to enable people to view the Member Directory, you’ll firstly need to give them the access permissions to do so. Once enabled, you can give access to your users to find details of other members. You can enable and access the settings by navigating to Settings under the User Menu and then clicking the Member Directory link when the page loads.


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Setting up Member Directory Details

Once the page loads you can enable the Member Directory and even use rename the Member Directory to a different wording to be shown in the Member Area. You can also exclude demographics or certain people categories from being displayed, force display certain people and to choose other settings for people to be added into the directory.


Always include People

In this area, add in any names of people or leaders in your church who should always be shown in the directory. This is great to set up people who should be the first point of contact for any people in the church, such as the Senior Pastor, Administration staff or the Welcoming Team.


Other Settings

There are other settings you may wish to implement for your Member Directory.


How to Automatically Add Newly Created People to the Member Directory

Select the first box under ‘Other Settings’ and then select which People Categories you want to add to the Member Directory.


Setting up Layout & Display Fields

Editing the layout of the Member Directory works the same way as editing a People Category layout. Simply click and drag fields into the dotted area, and select which columns to display in the Member Directory view.

The below area determines the information shown when viewing an individuals profile within the directory.


To select which columns to display, drag and drop any ‘Available Fields’ to the Display Fields area. This determines the information shown in the list view.


Note that on the mobile app, Columns to Display cannot be seen. So, for information you always want people to be able to find, make sure it’s in Layout, as opposed to Fields to Display.

Last Updated: 28th April, 2017

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