How to set up Advanced Privacy Settings for Member Directory

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Hide Specific Fields for Individual’s Profile

Users can hide fields from the Member Directory directly from their profile. See this article here for more details.

Setting up Opt-in for New and Existing Users

Firstly, go to the Settings link under in the User Nav. Once the page loads, select Member Directory to access specific settings for this section.

New Users

Scroll down to the Other Settings heading select the following settings to automatically send newly created members an email for them to opt-in to the member directory. Please note, the tokens  that are sent in these emails only work once, and expire within 2 weeks.

If you wish to only send these emails to specific people categories, simply choose what categories these emails go to in the options area that appears below.


Existing Users

If opt-in was not enabled prior to adding people to the Member Directory, you can simply hide those people and readd them to the Member Directory in order to re-trigger the opt-in email sent to those people.

To perform this action

  • Generate a list of people to work with (for example, use Advanced Search and filter by people who are showing in the Member Directory)
  • Either select all people using the checkbox on the top of the list, or select individuals from the results, then click on the ‘Mass Manage’ button
  • In the ‘Mass Manage’ window
    1. Change People’s Field > Member Directory > Hidden
    2. Click the ‘Perform Mass Manage’ button’ to save
    3. Then, select the same list and use Mass Manage to Change People’s Field > Member Directory > Showing
    4. Click the ‘Perform Mass Manage’ button’ to save
  • This will then trigger an opt-in email to be sent to everyone with a valid email address in the Elvanto account

What about users without a valid email address?

For users without a valid email address, we will provide a warning. If you wish to add them regardless of opt-in, press ‘click here’ in the error message.

What does ‘Pending Approval’ mean?

Users with ‘Pending Approval’ are still considered to be ‘Hidden’ in the Member Directory. This means an opt-in email has been sent to them but they have not clicked to accept.

Last Updated: 30th November, 2016

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