How to set up the Proclaim Integration

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If you have a Proclaim Online account, you can use Elvanto to plan your services, and then import those plans into a Proclaim presentation.

To set this up, navigate to Settings in the User Menu.


Once the page loads, click on ‘Integrations’ and then click the ‘Add Integration’ button.

From the list that appears click on Proclaim and a window will appear with a Client ID. Copy this to your clipboard.

Next, open Proclaim and click the ‘Import From Elvanto’ option:


Or from the ‘Linked Accounts’ option in the menu:

Proclaim Integration Menu

Once you’ve selected one of these options, you can paste the Client ID in the field provided.

Client ID

The system will then ask you to log in, using your regular Elvanto username and password and once authenticated, your integration will be enabled.

Last Updated: 11th October, 2017

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