How to set up Online Giving with

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If you’re looking at integrating with, this guide will walk you through how to setup your account. If you do not already have a account, you’ll want to first head to their site and create an account first.

  1. Setting up in Elvanto
  2. Configuring Elvanto in
  3. Embedding Giving Widgets in Elvanto

Setting up in Elvanto

Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ page (Go to Settings under the User Nav and then select Integrations).

When the page loads you will see the┬á logo. Click the “Setup Instructions” button.


This will provide you with your API Key. Copy this value, and click the link to their ChMS Sync section.


Configuring Elvanto in

In Tithely’s setup screen, select Elvanto from the dropdown menu.


Then enter the API key copied earlier into the new textbox.


Once you press save, the accounts will be linked. That’s it! You’re ready to go.

Embedding Giving Widgets in Elvanto

The giving widgets from can’t be directly embedded into Elvanto pages. You can embed their giving page though, using their supplied direct link.


You will want to copy this link, and paste it into the following code.

<iframe width="100%" src="direct_link_url"></iframe>

You can then copy and paste this into any Page, Post or Sidebar within Elvanto.

Last Updated: 11th October, 2017

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