How to set up Online Giving with Continue to Give

We have teamed up with the folks at Continue to Give to bring a US-only payment provider to Elvanto. This is a walkthrough guide to take you through setting up your account.

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Setting up a Continue to Give Account

If you do not have a Continue to Give account, navigate to the Continue to Give website and set up an account by following these steps.

Creating your Account

Click on the ‘Get Started’ tab on the upper left of the Continue to Give homepage, then click on the ‘Church’ option and follow the prompts.

Claiming your Organization

Start by searching for your church so you can claim it. Continue to Give will have your organization preloaded even if you haven’t used them before. If your church isn’t listed as an existing organization, click the “Click to Ad Organization” button.


If you are creating your organization for the first time, follow the prompts to enter your merchant information for your church and select a plan. If you are unclear in any of these steps, please contact the support team at Continue to Give.

Add Organization Information

Enter in some more details for the organization including a URL where you can refer the people at your church to.


Fundraising Goals & Targets

Enter a fundraising goal if your church has set one, or leave this field ‘blank’. Under the Software Integration heading, select ‘Elvanto’ and enter in your API Key. Continue to Give uses this to properly direct donations into the Elvanto account that matches the API.

Note: If you do not have a Continue to Give project set up, Continue to Give will automatically assign payments donated to an Account set up your Elvanto account. To direct payments to the right Accounts, jump to the Directing Funds section.


Follow the rest of the prompts to finish setting up your account.

Go Raise Money

At this stage, your organization has been created and you’re able to start donating.

Click the link (shown by arrow) to go to your organization page.


Directing funds to an Elvanto Account

If you haven’t set up your Chart of Accounts in Elvanto to tell Continue to Give where to direct funds to, Continue to Give will put the donations to any Chart of Accounts set up in the Elvanto account. This can cause confusion within the Financial area of your account, so it’s best to create a Continue to Give project to link donations to a selected Account (this is where the API comes in handy). Once this has been set up, transactions made within the system should be sent to a default Account.


If your church has multiple Accounts that you would like to set up with Continue to Give, simply create multiple projects within the organization page.

That’s it! Any transactions made through your Continue to Give account will now be stored within Elvanto. We’d recommend running a test to ensure everything works as expected (Continue to Give should be able to assist with this).

Last Updated: 11th October, 2017