Mass Managing transactions can be done either when viewing transactions within a pledge, or simply by viewing the list of transactions. when viewing the page, simply check the boxes of the items you would like to manage. Once a box is checked, the ‘Mass Manage’ button will appear.

Financial - Mass Manage Select

Clicking the ‘Mass Manage’ button will then show the Mass Manage modal.

This window will allow you to edit or delete all the selected transactions at once.

  • Chart of Accounts: This changes the designated account for the transactions.
  • Method: This changes the giving method for the transactions, ie, Cheque, online, cash etc.
  • Tax Deductible: This changes whether the transaction is classed as tax deductible or not.
  • Transaction Date: This changes the date the transaction occurred on.
  • Delete: If this option is selected, the transactions will be deleted.

Last Updated: 30th September, 2016