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Before using the Self Check-in system, ensure you have configured your Check-in settings correctly. This can be done via the Settings in the User Nav and then select Check-in.

To begin, navigate to the Check-in page in the Admin Area. In the Upcoming Services section in the blue sidebar, simply click on the correct Service Time to begin the process. Alternatively, you can load up the service from the Services page- view the service and click the ‘Check-in’ tab.

Check-in Admin area - Upcoming Services

Once a service has been selected, click the ‘Self Check-in’ button on the top right of the page.

Self Check-in - Launch

Checking a person in

On this page, enter a phone number, last name or security code to bring up the individual’s name, and click ’Search’. Big buttons are provided for touch devices, otherwise you can use a physical keyboard or built-in keyboard.

Self Check-in - Enter Security Code

From here, a list of individuals will appear. Simply click on the Service time and room you wish to assign the person into before proceeding. If you have set up Demographic Progression and Rooms correctly, the individual should be automatically assigned to the room upon Check-in. Learn how to set up rooms for check-in in this article.

Self Check-in - Service Time and Room

Simply select on ‘Click Here to Finish’ to continue checking in other people.

Last Updated: 15th January, 2018

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