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Go to Check-in > Rooms from the Admin Area.

Check-in - Rooms

Adding a Room

Click ‘Add Room’.
Check-in - Add Room

Setting up Room Details

Enter in a Room Name and the capacity of the room. If left blank, then unlimited people can be checked into the room.

Check-in Rooms - Details

Assigning Locations, Demographics and Service Types

The room also can be assigned a location, certain demographics and service types. If a service has been created to a specific Service Type and Location, the assigned room will show up in the list of rooms on the Admin Area Check-in page.

Check-in Rooms - Service Types

Make sure you link rooms to the demographics they relate to, as this is how it links rooms to the individuals. You can use Demographic Progression to automatically assign children to demographics, and assign the certain demographics to the rooms in this section.

Check-in Rooms - Demographics

Choosing Room Leaders

You’ll also be able to choose Room Leaders to the room. This works by pulling the volunteers that are scheduled to the specific position for the particular service date.

Check-in Rooms - Leaders

Click ‘Save’ to continue.

Re-ordering the Rooms

The newly created room will appear on the bottom of the ‘Rooms’ page. Simply click and drag the room to appear in a desired order.

Check-in Rooms - Order

Last Updated: 15th January, 2018