How to Change Plans and Billing Frequencies

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You can upgrade at any time by logging into your Elvanto account.

If you are currently on a free trial, click the ‘Buy Now’ button located at the top of your Admin Area pages.

If you are already on a paid plan and would like to upgrade or change your plan, simply go to Billing & Plan located under the User Nav.

Upgrading mid-way through your current billing cycle.

When you upgrade your account to another plan mid-way through your current billing cycle, we will pro-rata your previous plan and contribute any unused funds to the new billing cycle.

Performing the upgrade

Once you have clicked on the Billing & Plan page, you’ll see your current plan. Click on the ‘Change Plan’ button to upgrade to a different plan or the ‘Change Frequency’ button to change how often you’d like to be billed.

If you are changing your plan, select the right plan you require.


You can then choose to be billed Annually, Every 6 Months or Monthly.


If you ever have any questions or concerns about upgrade charges, feel free to contact our billing team.

Last Updated: 6th June, 2017

If you'd like assistance, please call us on +61 7 3107 1682, we would love to help!