Embedding Images in Emails

Stage 1: Upload Your Image to Files

  1. Login to your Elvanto account and navigate to the admin area.
  2. Select Files from the left-hand menu, then Add File
  3. Drag and Drop, or Click to Upload your image in the blue upload area. Once your image has been uploaded, you will see your image title below. You can edit the title of your image here. 
  4. Select the following settings for your image:
    1. Status
    2. Expiration Date (optional)
      Tithely Tip: Click the Calendar or Clock icon for easy date and time picking. 
    3. Folder (if applicable)
    4. Access
    5. Lockdowns
      Note: To share an image in an email you will need to set the Access to “Members and Guests” and remove any Lockdowns.
  5. Click Save. Once saved, the newly created file page will open. 
  6. Copy the Image URL from the file page to embed in your email. 

Stage 2: Embed the Image in an Email 

  1. In the admin area, select Emails & Letters. Then, click Add Email & Letter
    More information: How to Compose an Email or a Letter and How to Create an Email & Letter Template
  2. In the Subject and Message area, click the image icon. 
    Paste your Image URL collected from the Files area into the URL bar. 
    Then, you can just set your image properties as you'd like and click OK when done. 
    Or, click the Insert Files from Files Area button and select an uploaded image. 
    If you need to edit the sizing of the image, click the image icon in the toolbar and adjust the width and height, or select the image to adjust the size and position within your email.
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