Check-In & Rooms // Training Volunteers to use Elvanto Check-In

It is incredibly important to ensure your volunteers are correctly trained in how your church uses the check-in system. Good training helps ensure that your volunteers do the correct thing when checking youth in, and that your youth remain safe.

  • Training Volunteers on how to use Check-in

  • How to make sure youth are being checked out correctly

Training Volunteers on how to use Check-in

When training your volunteers on how to use the check-in system, there’s a number of things that you should keep in mind when training them. Below is a quick checklist that you can use when preparing your training.

How many labels need to be printed?

  • If a particular room needs an extra set of labels printed, make sure that your volunteers know this.

How to check security codes and session codes and how to recognise the difference between the two

  • If you’re using session codes, make sure your volunteers remember to check the session code, not just the names, on any labels they are looking at.

  • Sessions codes change each time a member is checked in. Make sure volunteers know this, and look for the correct session codes.

How to make sure youth are being checked out correctly

When to use the check-in all button and when to check-in individual youth

  • The Check-in All button will check every person in the family into every available service.

What the information on the check-in labels means

  • As the labels can be customized to your needs, your volunteers should know how to read the check-in labels and know what the information on them means.

Where print stations are and what the different rooms print to

  • As your volunteers are printing labels out, if the labels are being printed out at print stations in different areas, it’s vital that your volunteers know where the print stations are and where they should direct your members to, in order for them to pick up any labels they require

  • If you aren’t using room specific print stations, this won’t be an issue

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