Pastoral Care // Following up Youth and Their Families in Elvanto

With the aid of Reports and People Flows, Elvanto makes following up people incredibly easy.

Use People Views to add youth/parents to People Flows

People Views is the fastest way to affect a lot of changes to a lot of people. Simply go to ‘People’, and select the dropdown menu, ‘views’, and choose which selection of people you want to view. If a report is also set up as a People View (the default setting), then it will appear in the ‘views’ menu. People Views (and advanced searches) work in the same way as reports, except they allow you to perform actions for the people who appear in the results.

One of the actions you can perform is ‘Add to People Flow’. To do this, generate the People View, check the box (which will select all the results) at the top left of the results, and then click the ‘Mass Manage’ button that will appear above the table header. Then you can send all of the results to a People Flow. For more information on how to add people to People Flows, have a look at this link.

Use People Flows to follow up parents.

People Flows are a great way to keep track of you who are following up, and how well you are doing it. A People Flow for following up parents is very easy to set up and use.

Setting Up A People Flow

First, go to ‘People’, selecting ‘Flows’ in the drop down menu. Add a new flow. The set-up page for a People Flow allows you to set someone over everything in that flow, and define who can be added to it.

Once you’ve made a flow, you still need to add steps. For a basic follow up, you only need one step: Call the parents. Or you can set it up to SMS the parents automatically.

If your follow up process is more complicated, you can set up a People Flow with as many steps as you like, even accounting for different responses from people if a different action is required. For more about setting up steps in a People Flow, take a look at this link.

Using a People Flow

Once you’ve set up your People Flow and started adding people to it, you can perform action for those people. There’s two main ways to do so. The first is to select people from the People Flow individually, and perform actions as you do what’s required in the step. The next is to select – using the select all checkbox at the top left of the table – everyone in a step (you can also deselect individuals once you’ve selected everyone), and Mass Manage them as you do what’s required in the step.

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