Working with Volunteers // General Communication in Elvanto

Worship Ministries are like families, and families thrive with good communication. Here’s how Elvanto makes communicating easier.

Contacting your volunteers

There’s a few avenues for contacting your volunteers through Elvanto, and each is best for different circumstances.


If you just want to say something to your Creative Ministries department (or any number of sub-departments), the best way to do so is through People. Start a search, selecting ‘Departments’ as the main criteria, and choose whichever Departments, Sub-departments, or Positions you wish to contact. Once you’ve found those you want to contact, click the ‘Contact People’ button up the top.

For a step-by-step guide to searching people in Elvanto, visit this page.

For a step-by-step guide to contacting people through Elvanto, visit this page.


With Elvanto, contacting volunteers for a particular service is easy! Simply go to the service that the volunteers are rostered on for, and click the ‘Contact Volunteers’ button up the top. You’ll then be given options on who you want to contact, and whether to use email or SMS. This is particularly useful, for example, if you need to let your communion team know that there’s been a mistake: they’re actually on next week.

For a walkthrough of how to contact people in a service, visit this page.


If you’ve appointed Leadership Positions in your Departments, you can easily search for your leaders using a People Search. Once you’ve found those you want to contact, click the ‘Contact People’ button up the top.

To see how to appoint certain Positions as Leadership Positions, visit this page.

Message templates

If you find that you keep sending the same email again and again, set up a template. Note that Elvanto does not currently offer custom SMS templates, only email and letter templates.

To see how to make a template, visit this page.

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