Elvanto Event Payment Gateway // Partial Payments

Adding a payment gateway can be useful in creating paid events or anything else you are needing to obtain payment at your church! Learn how to set this up here.

Partial Payments for events can be enabled by going to Admin Settings > Events.

Now, when a person registers and makes a part payment, assuming you have an online payment method enabled (Tithely, Stripe or PayPal) for that event, a few things become available.

  • The invoice PDF that's generated and emailed out will now contain a link for them to click on, and make extra payments

  • If you use the default email template, this will also contain a link to make extra payments. If not, you can use the placeholder %extra_payment_link% to get it in the email

  • When an admin views the part paid or unpaid invoice in the admin area, you'll now see that the "Add Payment" button has now changed into an "Add Offline Payment" button which has the old functionality, and a new button for "Add Online Payment" button.

All three options take you to a new invoice page that the billing contact can then use to make extra payments.

No longer will admins have to chase people up all the time, and manually enter their extra payments in."


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