Data Recovery Service and Cost

Data recovery is a last resort process where Elvanto can recover your data from a backup within 30 days. We can restore recently deleted records at no charge but in the case where data has been permanently deleted, accidentally mass updated or mangled during a data import, because of the manual intervention, there is a cost.

The cost is relative to the amount of manual work and time needed to perform the recovery. Our pricing is $50 for us to provide you a copy of the data in .CSV format or $100 for us to restore the data for you. The work involved actually costs us more than that, but we pay for a portion of the service.

A data recovery is only an option after you have exhausted all other reasonable efforts to recover the data, such as reinserting the data from a .CSV backup. If you’re interested in the data recovery process please contact Elvanto Support to request to restore deleted data.

When submitting a ticket, please include the following:

  • Specific details about how many records need to be restored

  • The date and time they were deleted

  • The level of service required

The process must be performed manually and usually takes up to 5 working days to complete.