Billing in Elvanto

Navigate Elvanto Billing effectively with our guide for Legacy Plan users. Discover subscription management based on active adult members, update billing, change plans or frequencies, and update payment details. Address declined payments, understand accepted payment methods, and calculate upgrade costs efficiently. Ideal for administrators optimizing church management software, ensuring smooth transitions and financial management.

This is specific to customers with Elvanto Billing (Elvanto Legacy Plans).

Your subscription is based off of Active Adult Members in Your Account. You are not charged for Profiles marked as Contact, Archived, or profiles designated in the Family Relationship as Child.

We recommend you select a plan that will cover the amount of active adults in your account. Once you find the plan you’d like, click the Select button next to it.

Update Billing Contact Details

  1. Navigate to the Billing and Plan area.
  2. On this page you’ll see the current billing details. You can then edit the contact details by pressing the Edit option.
  3. After pressing “Edit” you’ll then have the ability to update the billing contact details, as well as adding in additional billing contacts if desired.



How to Change Plans or Billing Frequency

  1. If you would like to change your plan, simply go to Billing located under the User Navigation.

When you upgrade your account to another plan mid-way through your current billing cycle, we will pro-rate your previous plan and contribute any unused funds to the new billing cycle.

Performing the upgrade

Once you have clicked on the Billing & Plan page, you’ll see your current plan. Click on the ‘Change Plan’ button to upgrade to a different plan or the ‘Change Frequency’ button to change how often you’d like to be billed.

If you are changing your plan, select the right plan you require.

You can then choose to be billed Annually, or Monthly.

You will then be given an overview of your order and asked to confirm the upgrade.

How to Update Your Payment Details

Your credit card details can be updated at any time through your Elvanto account.

As an administrator of your account, log into the Admin Area of your account and navigate to the ‘Billing and Plan’ page.

Then at the bottom left of the page, you’ll see the “Edit” option where you can update your payment details.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept Credit and Debit Cards. These cards must be branded with either MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

My Payment is Being Declined

If you are receiving a message that your card has been declined, the issue could be coming from your bank or card provider. Contact your bank for further clarification on why the payment was declined. Some possible reasons could be due to incorrect credit card details, blocked international transactions, insufficient funds or restrictions on debit cards.

For a comprehensive list of credit card error codes and their meanings, click here.

How Upgrade Costs are Calculated

When you upgrade your account from one plan to another, especially mid-way through an active plan month, it can be complex. Here's how the cost to change plans is calculated:

    1. Calculate the time left in your current plan as a fraction.
    2. Calculate the cost of the time left over, based on the amount you've already paid.
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