Enabling 2FA in your Elvanto account

To enable 2FA in your account first go to your Profile, accessible using the usernav on the top right corner.  

From here click on “Two Factor Authentication” available in the sidebar under Security

On the new page, click the “Get Started” button to start setting this up.

This will display a QR code for you.

Scan the barcode into your chosen Authenticator app. 

If you don’t have one already, you can use Google Authenticator which works on iOS and Android.

Alternatively if you use a Password Manager such as 1Password or LastPass they may have their own method of storing these QR codes for you.

Once you have scanned the barcode it should display in a list like the following.

Once it appears, simply enter the code into the textbox provided and hit “Verify”

Once verified it will give you a success message, and let you download backup codes you can use if you ever are unable to use the app.

Please note that these codes are only displayed once, and can not be shown again. 

If you have any questions you please reach out to our Support team at Support@tithe.ly :)

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