How to use a Barcode Scanner with Check-in

Many churches find using a barcode system is a great way to streamline the check-in process for both self check-in and regular check-in stations. This an optional extra and is not required to use the check-in system, but simply used to allow a large number of families to be checked in faster.

Required Equipment

Each station will need to be set up with a barcode scanner that plugs into the computer – it is our recommendation you purchase a good quality barcode scanner, as the cheap scanners often take longer to scan and therefore slow down the check-in process. Most USB barcode scanners are ‘plug and play’, so you wont need to install any additional software. If you use mobile or tablet devices such as iPads or Android tablets for your Check-in, you can also get Bluetooth barcode scanners, just make sure they are compatible with your device.

You will also need to source some cards or key tags that can be issued out to your families to carry and bring each week when checking in their children (similar to gym membership key tags or store loyalty cards). These can be sourced online or locally and can be custom designed to include your church’s logo – just search online for barcode key tags.

Check-In Settings

Once you have purchased the required equipment, head over to Settings and once the page loads, select Check-In. Set your check-in settings to ‘Manually add a code at first check in’. If you are issuing one tag per family, also select ‘Allow family members to use the same security code’.

Using Check-in Day of

  1. Log into Elvanto
  2. Navigate to the next service
  3. Select Check-In
  4. Launch the Self-Check In screen
  5. Select Quick-Check In



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