How to Print out the Roster for Multiple Services

In Elvanto there are two main ways of printing out the roster for a time period.

Printing Multiple Services

To print out a roster of multiple services, first you need to select the services you wish to edit through the Edit Multiple Services feature.

Once all the services have loaded, click ‘Print’ located at the top of the screen.

Choose the ‘Volunteer Calendar’ and select an orientation from the template drop down. You can then choose what departments you would like to print out the roster for.

If you would like to save this to print the same layout at a later time, then you can save the print preset by clicking ‘Add New Print Preset’.

Exporting a Volunteer Position Report

Under Services > Reports, there is a Volunteer Positions Report option. This report can be generated in a number of different ways, and gives you more options on how to format the roster. This article looks at how to generate this report in more detail. Once generated, you can then export the report as needed.

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