Using the new Edit Multiple Services BETA

Enabling the new Multiple Services BETA is quick and easy! Although this platform will be used by default for your account beginning Nov. 10th, 2020, you may want to get a head start! First, go to Settings, and under the General area, click on BETA Features

From here, just enable the Multiple Services Rebuild and click Save!

Now that you've enabled the BETA, let's talk about some key differences between the versions:

  • A New Way to Schedule - new, sleek, more user-friendly look. Adding Volunteers pops out from the side and allows you to stay in bird’s eye view for seeing all services at one time instead of opening on service at a time when you click “Add” for a volunteer.

  • “Schedule anyway” - a button that appears if there is a conflict (this alleviates confusion that the conflict won’t allow you to schedule)

  • Quicker loading time when selecting a vast amount of services

  • Can save “views” - when you click on Edit Multiple, it will save the settings you have for next time (i.e. next four services or whatever date range/filters you had before)

  • Can add/edit service description in Edit Multiple

*The new BETA autosaves volunteers as you drag them on to the schedule (instead of their being a save button), so you may need to disable notifications for putting them on for the first time, and just use the contact button on the top right to reach out when you’re ready to let the volunteers know they are scheduled (filters are there to choose which volunteers you’d like to contact)

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