How to Add People to a People Flow

There are a number of ways to add people to people flows.

  • From within the People Flow itself

  • From a person’s profile

  • Using Mass Manage, a form, or another People Flow

From within the People Flow

  1. Navigate to People > Flows and select your Flow and your Flow Step. 
  2. To add a person, simply press the ‘Add Person’ button and search for their name.
  3. Additionally, you can assign a step admin as well as record a note while adding an individual to the Flow Step.


From their Profile

  1. To add someone to a People Flow from within their profile, simply click ‘Add’ next to 'Flow' in the sidebar menu.
  2. This will bring up an ‘Add to people flow’ window. Simply select the flow you want to add them to.

  3. Then simply assign the step, or steps you want to add them to, and assign an administrator. Click 'Save'.

Using Mass Manage, Forms or other People Flow steps

To add an individual or a group of people to a Flow using the Mass Manage or Forms features, please follow the related links to learn more about each. 


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