Group Settings

Email Notifications For Scheduled Notes


When you schedule a note from a group to a person, do you want them to receive an email notification? We suggest you have this enabled, as usually, a note is something you want people to know about. 




In this area, we can set up custom reporting fields for groups. After fields have been added, you can then edit your Group Categories and choose what custom reporting fields below will apply to those categories. 



By default, group attendance can be recorded as:: 



  • Who attended?

  • How many guests or visitors were there?

  • And any notes that need to be recorded about the group?



However, you may also want to expand for additional reporting purposes. 



You can create the custom report fields by selecting what reporting fields you would like to have for your groups by clicking and dragging from the right menu. 



  1. A “Heading” and a “Separator” are for visual purposes. 

  2. A “Reporting” field is a report on a numerical item of things at the meeting, such as “Number of Visitors” as an example.

  3. A “Notes” field is used to record written text, such as “Prayer Requests” or “Discussion Topics” .



Click Save.



Reports and how to generate reports is something that you’ll review later.





Reporting Reminder Link Requires Login?

Your group leaders can be sent automated emails reminding them to submit their group attendance. When they get sent that email, do you want them to login or can they just click the link and submit the attendance report?



The reminder can be sent as an email or an SMS (which you can set up later). 


Saying no to logging in is a lower barrier of entry so you’re more likely to get people submitting reports then if they had to login every time - it’s an extra step. The no login option only works when they receive the link within the reporting reminder email. 

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