Elvanto Keyboard Shortcuts

To make navigating in Elvanto easy, a number of keyboard shortcuts are available.


The basics of Shortcuts

An easy way to remember the shortcut for an area is ‘Go [here]’. For example, if you want to quickly navigate to Services simply type ‘GS’. Just make sure you’re not currently typing into any search, or other type of input (that is, click off the search bar). Shortcuts are not case sensitive, so it’s as easy as the push of a button! Well, two buttons.



Of course, the quick rule doesn’t work for a system with so many features. So, for the moment, there are four exceptions:


  • Songs and Financial – other areas use their first letter, and so you need to use their second letter: O or I

  • Calendar – similar, but you’ll need to use L because the first two letters are already taken.

  • Settings – uses the comma [ , ] as its locator.

See the table below for each shortcut and its location, and try out shortcuts today!



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