Maximizing Event Registration on Your Platform


Organizing an event involves numerous moving parts, and one of the most crucial elements to get right is the registration process. Whether you're hosting a small workshop or a large conference, the ability to set up registration tailored to your event's unique needs can significantly enhance the attendee experience and streamline your planning process. Here's how you can leverage registration features to offer a seamless sign-up experience, cater to diverse attendee preferences, and manage your event efficiently.


Customizable Ticketing Options

For every event you create, the platform provides robust registration setup options. This flexibility allows you to offer different ticket types at various price points, catering to a wide range of attendees. Whether you're looking to provide VIP packages, group discounts, or early bird pricing, the system's versatility ensures you can create a ticketing structure that matches your event strategy.


Discount Codes and Currency Selection

Enhance the registration experience by offering discount codes, perfect for early registrations, VIP guests, or promotional campaigns. Additionally, the platform supports multiple currencies, allowing you to localize the registration process for attendees from different countries, making your event globally accessible.


Seat Management and Occurrence Registration

If your event has a limited capacity, setting ticket limits is straightforward, ensuring you never overbook. For events occurring multiple times, such as workshops or seminars within a conference, you can offer separate registration for individual sessions. This feature is particularly useful for attendees interested in specific parts of your event, providing flexibility and increasing overall participation.


Online Payment and Tax Compliance

For paid events, the platform supports various online payment methods, ensuring a smooth transaction process for attendees. You can also configure tax settings to comply with your country's tax laws, simplifying the financial management of your event.


Support for Free Events

Not all events come with a price tag. For free events, simply set the ticket price to $0. This feature is ideal for community gatherings, non-profit events, or any occasion where you want to remove financial barriers to attendance.


Streamlined Registration Forms

Once registration is enabled, you can link a customized form to your event. This step-by-step process (detailed on a specific walkthrough page) allows you to collect essential information from attendees, from contact details to specific requirements. Upon registering, attendees receive an email with their invoice and tickets, each featuring a unique ticket number. This not only enhances the attendee experience by providing all the necessary information upfront but also enables you to track attendance efficiently.

Setting up event registration on your platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to accommodate any event type, size, and complexity. By taking advantage of customizable ticketing options, payment flexibility, and detailed registration forms, you can ensure a successful and memorable event for both organizers and attendees. Remember, a seamless registration process is the first step in creating a positive event experience, setting the tone for what's to come.


Registering for Events


Once you enable registration for an event, you can then create a Form that links to your event (go to this page for a step-by-step walkthrough). When a person registers for an event, they are emailed an invoice and tickets that contain a unique ticket number so that you can track who attends your events.

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