Self Check In

While the Admin Area Check-in is built to be used by volunteers and church leaders, the Self Check-in feature accommodates for parents or guardians checking their own children in. Part of these features is an automatic log out feature. Once a parent has checked in our out their child they are automatically logged out of their account for security. 

This is particularly useful if you’re looking to set up check-in ‘kiosks’ on iPads or tablets, or have self serve areas where parents help themselves on a Sunday.

This area is password protected and can be limited to showing only specific information for families in your church.

Using Self Check-in

To help ensure the smoothest check-in process for both families and volunteers, there’s a number of things to think about when setting up self check-in:

  • How many families are likely to be checking in at once?

  • How many kiosks will you need?

  • How many printers will you need?

  • How many volunteers will be over-seeing the check-in kiosks?

We recommend having one printer doing no more than 3 kiosks, with a volunteer at each printer to help any families out that need assistance.

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