Group Categories Overview

Group categories help to separate and classify the different types of groups that are used within your church. For example, you might have a group category for all your small groups and a group category for all your leadership groups. You can set administrators for those categories, as well as leaders for the groups within them.

Group Categories are also useful when it comes to setting up reminders to report on attendance. Define and set these parameters, as well as decide on who gets them.

You can also enable a setting that will display in the Member Area the groups a specific member is assigned to. This way members of groups can see other members, basic contact information and also participate in communicating with other group members through the message board.

We recommend setting up group categories similarly to how your church is structured. For example, if all your small groups are the responsibility of a pastor, then set them up as a group category where that pastor is the administrator for that category.

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