Preparing Set Lists In Worship

How to Prepare Set Lists In Worship

  1. Open the Tithely Worship app on your iOS device and log in.

  2. Locate the Service you'd like to practice or perform. Feel free to scroll or use the search bar to locate the service by name.
    Please Note: These setlists pull directly from your church's Elvanto Service Plans. If you do not find a service that you should be seeing, contact your Worship Director or Church Administrator.



  3. Once you have located the service, click on it to view the set list.



  4. Preview and select the documents you'd like to view during the set with a checkmark.
    Please Note: These documents integrate directly with your Elvanto Service Plan. If you are not seeing any items displayed, contact your Worship Director or Church Administrator.

  5. Once selected, click the back arrow in the upper right hand corner to review your set list.

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