Submitting Feature Requests

At Tithely, we genuinely value feedback from our cherished customers. Your insights and suggestions are pivotal in shaping our services to better cater to the needs of churches like yours. We deeply appreciate the time and thought you invest in providing us with your product feedback, as it plays a crucial role in our ongoing product development journey.

We understand that each piece of feedback comes with the desire to enhance your experience with our products. While we strive to incorporate as many suggestions as possible, it's important for us to maintain a focused approach that aligns with our overall mission and product strategy. To this end, we consider the following criteria when evaluating new feature requests:

  1. Interest: Would this feature benefit a large number of churches? How many churches have shown interest in this particular product update? 
  2. Consistency: Is the feature consistent with the design and layout of Elvanto, making it a natural addition? 
  3. Scope: Does the feature fall under church management or would it be better handled by a third party? 

We encourage you to share your innovative ideas with us! If you have a feature in mind that aligns with these criteria, we would be delighted to consider it. Please submit your feature request on our feature request page, and let's work together to make Tithely even more responsive to the needs of churches around the world.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for helping us grow and improve continuously. Your input is invaluable in our mission to serve churches more effectively.