Edit, Share, Export or Delete People Views

Once you have crafted your customized People View, you unlock a range of powerful options to efficiently manage your data. This article will guide you through the process of editing, sharing, deleting, and exporting your carefully curated set of information, helping you make the most of your People Views in Elvanto.

How to manage your People Views

  1. Log into Elvanto as an Admin.
    Note: Log into the Admin area.
  2. From the right hand side menu, select People.
  3. Select All People
  4. Find and select your custom view within the View drop down menu

  5. Choose between the following functions:

    • Edit People View: allows the user to make changes to the name, category, selected criteria, and display fields of a People View
    • Sharing: share your view with other Elvanto users or externally via link
    • Delete: remove any irrelevant views
    • Export: 
      1. You can export your view into CSV, Excel, or PDF format
      2. It also allows you to save a quick Snapshot (learn more about using Snapshots here)
      3. Create address labels or name tags based on your list of contacts (find out how to format, customize, and print: 1. Address Labels and/or 2. Name Tags)

Elvanto Tip

By default, the view will be private and only visible to the admin who created it. However, an admin can choose to share access with others from the People View screen. Note that Super Admins will always have access to all People Views.

People Views are great reporting tools which automatically update to include any new or changed data. They can also be used as starting points to mass manage data or to contact specific groups of people within your database. Once a People View is created, it can be easily edited, shared with others, exported, as well as deleted should it no longer fulfill its purpose.