Part 5 – Youth Services

Services can be a valuable feature for your Youth Ministries, especially in the way it assists with your planning. However, not all Youth Ministries will find this feature valuable.

How to tell if your Youth Ministry should be using Services

The easiest way to tell if your Youth Ministry should use Services is by figuring out whether it works more like a group or more like a church service. Use this guide to figure out which one your Youth Ministry falls under.


  • Have very flexible plans, and often don’t follow a definite form week-to-week
  • Are mostly planned or facilitated by one person
  • Have very little delegation of roles and responsibilities


  • Have a more rigid structure, that is more-or-less the same each time
  • Are often planned and facilitated by multiple people
  • Require delegation of multiple roles and responsibilities

In more technical detail: because Services offer more features than Groups, you need to decide whether you are actually going to use the features (otherwise, it will be extra work for little reward). Services allow you to make Plans, import Songs into the Service, and assign Volunteers.

If you don’t think your Youth Ministry is a Service, then you shouldn’t worry about this Part. Otherwise, read on!

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