Part 4 – Working with Volunteers

Volunteers are a huge part of the life of your church. This part shows you how Elvanto will help you better communicate with your volunteers.

Letting volunteers know about their schedules

Further streamline your scheduling process with automatic notifications! Elvanto can automatically notify your volunteers whenever they are rostered on. Elvanto can also automatically remind volunteers to check the schedule if they haven’t confirmed that they are able to do their role in the service.

Contacting volunteers

Elvanto offers multiple ways of contacting your volunteers through email and SMS. You can contact your volunteers based on their position, their involvement in a service, or their sub-department.

Added peace of mind

With the ‘Reports To’ feature, you’ll know if anyone can’t make their schedule. ‘Reports To’ allows you to set up someone who your volunteers are accountable to – someone who will receive an email if your volunteers decline their scheduled appearances.

Power to the people

With ‘Swap & Replace’ your volunteers can find replacements for themselves, easing the burden on you.

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