Part 3 – Using Services

Services help you schedule volunteers, plan services, and effectively change these plans on the fly.

Service Plans

Service Plans are just that- a handy way to plan your services. If you’ve already set up a service type, then you only have to drag across the songs, and add any other items.

Scheduling Volunteers

Elvanto offers a variety of ways to schedule volunteers. You can add them to services — even multiple services at a time — you can put them into teams and schedule the teams on, or you can set up Elvanto to automatically schedule them on.


Auto-scheduling adds volunteers into required positions in selected services. It checks volunteer availability and their assigned positions to fill the needed vacancies.

Elvanto LIVE

Elvanto LIVE is a production tool useful when your services are actually happening. It helps you keep track of time, and make changes while the service is happening.

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