Part 1 – Introduction

Volunteers are vital to the smooth running of any church, and it takes a serious amount of organization and communication to empower them.

This guide covers the ways that volunteers can take advantage of Elvanto and capitalize on others’ efforts to organize and communicate with them.

It covers:

Can’t find something we’re talking about?

Because of the ways you can customize Elvanto, things in your account may appear differently to what you read in this guide If you can’t find something we talk about in this guide in your account, talk to the person who is responsible for rolling out Elvanto in your church.

Sometimes features require you to have certain access permissions or for your church’s Elvanto to be set up in a particular way. If you don’t have access, talk to the person who is responsible for rolling out Elvanto in your church.

Help is just two clicks away!

From your account, you can find help by opening the drop-down menu used for accessing your profile (read the common phrases section below to find where this drop-down menu is). That link will bring you to our help site where you can find extra resources, as well as contact details if you have a question to ask.

Common phrases in this guide

You’ll find that this guide refers to a few parts of the member area more frequently. And while the equivalent in your church’s Elvanto may differ slightly, it should look more-or-less the same as these examples.

When we mention the drop-down menu in the online site, we’re talking about this:

When we mention the bar across your account, we’re talking about this bar of links:

And when we mention the menu on the mobile app, we’re talking about this button: