Part 1 – Introduction

Consistent giving in your church is key to growth. This guide will show you how Elvanto can make recording  giving easier, and keep your church moving.

Before we start, however, here’s how we use the following terminology:


  • Transactions – Individual payments made to your church.
  • Batch – A collection of payments to the church. Mostly, your batches will line up with each time you collect an offering or have donations made. All transactions will be linked to a batch.
  • Pledges – Track what monies have been pledged to your church over a period of time. Transactions can be linked to Pledges, if the person making the transaction has a pledge linked to them.

Something to remember

Elvanto was never intended to replace your current financial management system. Instead, it’s supposed to help you keep track of individual’s giving. This makes producing Giving Statements simple, your members can track their giving and allows you to report on the giving in your church.