Administration is what keeps any church up and running. So thanks for all your hard work!

This guide’s all about how Elvanto can make administration easier, and help your hard work go further. We recognize that administration is a really broad job, so we’ve tried to cover everything you may need, but please, have a look through our Learn the Features (at this link) if we’ve missed anything you need to know more about. Likewise, feel free to skip a page if you’re sure it isn’t relevant to you.

If you’re here and you do the administration for a particular ministry, why not also check out the guide for that ministry? You can find them all in the sidebar, or at this link.

We also realize that if Elvanto hasn’t been rolled out to your church yet, the administrators are often the ones responsible for this process. If you’re looking to start implementing Elvanto, check out our start-up pages at this link.

Church administration vs Elvanto Admins

This guide is intended for church administration, regardless of whether you are an ‘Admin User’ (that is, someone with full access) in your system. If you’re an Admin User but not an administrator for your church, you’re better off working through our Getting Started page. Find it at this link.

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