Release To Your Church

Now that your key users are on board, it’s time to prepare to release to the rest of your church. You’re going to do great!

The next stage is identifying what type of people will be logging in and using Elvanto. These people might be volunteers serving at your weekly services, group leaders, children’s team and more.

Focusing on and releasing to one group of people at a time might be a good way to go about the release. This way you can focus on training the type of person based on what they’ll be using in the system, rather than sharing a bunch of information not relevant to their role.

Before releasing to each group you’ll also to ensure that people are set up and ready to go. For example, volunteers should be assigned to departments and group leaders have been added as a leader in their group.

You want to make sure everything is ready so when your people login and start using Elvanto, they have what they need and can do what they need to do straight away. This is key for a successful release!