Setting up rooms within the Check-in area provide a great way to separate and identify which children go where on a service day. Rooms can be assigned to demographics, locations or service types, and the system then remembers these selections when checking children in to a service.

For example, if you have a room specifically for your kindergarten-aged children, you could assign the ‘kindergarden’ sub demographic within the children’s demographic to the room, and the system would then remember that the child was to be checked in to that particular room at a given service.

This information can also be reported on and referenced at a later date to help monitor individual attendance and check-ins to each room within the built-in check-in reports.


We recommend grouping check-in rooms with demographics. For example, if kindergarten children are in one room and junior primary school children are with the senior primary school children in another, just group them into two check-in rooms: kindergarten and primary.

If the same demographics, but different children, were to use the rooms at a different time, make two more check-in rooms.