Training can be done in many ways depending on skill level, past experiences and the total people attending training.

Your aim will be to get your key users to a level of understanding the day-to-day tools in Elvanto, and to get them thinking about the ways they can use the system to better improve their systems and processes.

Your team will probably love things like people views, people flows, forms and reporting, so make sure you give them a good demo of these features.

This is purely a guide but some suggestions on training would be:

  • The difference between the Admin & Member Areas
  • The Admin Area side menu and that they have access to specific areas that relates to them
  • Dashboard widgets and customizing their dashboard
  • People
    • How to search for people
    • How to add a new person
    • How to create people views
    • How to contact people
    • How to mass manage people
    • Viewing people’s profiles
    • Viewing activity
    • Writing notes
    • Family members
    • Account tab (showing how to assign departments if they will be using services)
    • People flows
  • Groups
    • Viewing groups
    • Adding people to groups
    • Reporting on attendance
  • Services
    • Adding services
    • Editing multiple services
    • Service plans
    • Rostering volunteers
    • Contacting volunteers
    • Submitting attendance
  • Reports
    • Custom reports
    • Built-in reports
    • Scheduling reports (email)
  • Forms

There may be other areas depending on the type of users attending training so feel free to chop and change.