Sending out Login Details

Once you’ve identified those key users, prior to training you will want to send out login details so they can jump in and have a quick look before training day.

You would have created some access permissions for those key users during account set up so they have access to what they need. Make sure you assign these access permissions to the users you wish to attend training, so when they log in they’ll have access to what they need.

Once you’ve assigned everyone correctly, all you need to do is email the key users you want to login to Elvanto. Here’s how to send login details in Elvanto.

Within the email share all the great things about Elvanto and how you’re totally excited for training (a bit of hype can help people get excited!) and add the following placeholder:


This magic little placeholder will generate a unique code for each individual user that is valid for two weeks. When they click the link it will ask for them to supply a username and password. Once they set this, it saves to the database and they now have a login, ready for training!

Some churches might prefer to set a username and password for each of their people which is also fine. It just might be a bit slower 😉