Welcome to the Elvanto Getting Started guide!

We know how huge it is to migrate to a new software platform and how challenging it can be to get your people utilizing it. That’s what this guide is here for: to help you through this exciting but sometimes daunting process.

The goal of this area is:

  • to help new users who have little or no knowledge about Elvanto learn about its powerful features,
  • to get their Elvanto account set up and their key leaders and users onboard,
  • to release Elvanto into your church successfully and have people using it properly (that’s the dream right there!).

We encourage you to get a good grasp of each step in this guide, before moving onto the next, to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to see a successful release into your church.

Our team are always here via email, phone or live chat and are always happy to assist you along the way and help make this a positive and easy transition.

Let the learning begin!


Ben Sinclair
CEO & Founder of Elvanto