Review, Tweak, Repeat

Keep reviewing where your users are at.

You can run reports and see when people last logged in. Ask for feedback from teams and individuals and see how everything is going.

Keep encouraging people to use Elvanto and ensure leaders and department heads are still onboard. Check to see they understand and aren’t confused about certain features in Elvanto.

Elvanto is very flexible so feel free to tweak as time goes on. Getting it right the first time just isn’t going to happen as much as we’d like it to!

Other Resources

We have resources such as guides and more that might be of interest for you and your team as they continue to use Elvanto to its full potential. Check them out!

That’s it!

That’s a wrap! Having a strategic plan and getting key people involved really promotes a successful launch! We hope this guide has been beneficial to you.

We wish you all the best, and remember, we’re always here to help! We’d love to hear feedback on how your getting started period went to be sure to write in to us!

– The Elvanto Team