Your volunteers access information non-admin related information through the member area. What and how much they see is up to you!


The Calendar page lists upcoming church events. Provided the volunteer has the appropriate access permissions, events, services and groups you’ve decided to share on the Member Calendar will appear on this calendar.

Member Directory

The Member Directory is pretty self-explanatory. It allows people in your church to look up the details of other people in your church, and has a number of settings and configuration options.

Learn how to set up your Member Directory.


Songs is most useful for your musicians. It allows them to look up songs, and any related files. For the sake of keeping your CCLI costs down (every copy counts!), we recommend restricting access to this feature.

Limiting access

You restrict access to each of these areas by changing a person’s Access Permissions.

Refresh yourself on how to manage Access Permissions at this page.

Guest users

By default, people can see some posts and pages without logging in. To change this, restrict their access in Settings.

Learn how to restrict guest access at this page.